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Hey, I'm Jorgelina

I grew up in Argentina, where I started exploring singing, music, movement, and energy healing techniques since I was very young! Now I live in New Zealand, and I help people to discover, unlock, heal and develop their singing voice from deep within. I teach online singing classes and programs from a holistic approach.

My philosophy 

I see the voice as a result of the connection between our mind, body, and soul. It is only through awareness that we can truly free our voice and find real expression! It is an in-depth process that is available to everyone - you don't need to have a "gift" to learn how to sing! SELF EXPRESSION is your right, and I can help you in that path. Check out my online singing programs and courses to get started!

Check out my online singing courses

Jorgelina is really passionate about the voice and how the body, posture and emotions play an important part in helping you to achieve your singing goals. Her lessons are always very relaxed, friendly and you always feel safe to sing without worrying about making mistakes which was important to me as starting singing lessons was quite scary. She has shown to be very caring about helping me improve my voice through her observations and has helped me a lot over the years. She has great skills in picking up on what is blocking your voice from flowing and how to help improve it.


Jorgelina is very a knowledgeable teacher. She knows so much about the voice and having lessons with her I feel in good hands! I have had lessons from a few other vocal teachers in the past but feel that Jorgelina has helped me discover my voice in the most organic way and taught me the most sustainable techniques. She knows a great deal about the human body too and addresses posture and tension in a way that helps in daily life not just in singing. My life is greatly better for meeting her and I cannot recommend her enough!!!


Jorgelina's ground up approach to singing and comprehensive knowledge of the physiology involved put her head and shoulders above any other singing teacher or course I have encountered. If you want to take your singing to the next level or are starting from scratch call Jorgelina ASAP.


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